WEX Lisbon, Portugal

On 15th February 2011, Subsea Infrastructure attended its first significant water industry event of 2011 as a sponsor of the three day WEX (Water & Energy Exchange) Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal. Attendees from Subsea Infrastructure were David Dwek, Philip Swire & Matt Eldridge.

David Dwek gave a presentation at the conference highlighting the advantages of rapidly deployed, mobile, temporary and highly flexible desalination solutions. The presentation and display area were both well received by the attendees. In the Q&A session following the presentation Subsea was able to expand on its unique and low environmental footprint brine discharge solution. In addition questions around price enabled the company to demonstrate the competitiveness of even this temporary short term solution.

This is the second time Subsea has sponsored the WEX event. In 2010 the conference was held in Limassol, Cyprus and we included a visit to our Mobile Temporary Desalination plant located at Moni.

The WEX forum is different from most other industry events. While still providing a platform for papers and presentations the primary benefit is that WEX facilitates a series of One to One meetings between interested parties and these are pre-arranged before event thus allowing attendees to make valuable connections between suppliers and customers.

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