Subsea Infrastructure Ltd announces 2014 strategy

Following the successful completion of a contract which delivered 20 million cubic metres of fresh water to the government of Cyprus, Subsea Infrastructure will continue to focus on environmental, water and marine infrastructure with an emphasis on innovation and solutions.

Subsea is researching and developing energy efficient and environmentally sensitive products for delivery to the market in late 2014. The company believes improvements in green technology open the way for more sustainable solutions.

The company will build upon its expertise in pioneering scalable, cost-efficient desalination plants and plans to continue to offer mobile and marine based solutions as part of its key strategy.

Subsea Infrastructure’s mobile 20,000 cubic metre per day desalination plant based in Cyprus will be sold in early 2014. The plant was the fastest-ever installation of its size.

Company Director David Dwek said, “The Moni plant has operated for only three years of its 15-20 year operational life and we are confident that this asset will be redeployed very rapidly as the most efficient way to meet an existing water shortage.”

Main shareholder Duncan Barclay said, “We are looking forward to the new opportunities offered as the water gap continues to grow and legacy infrastructure fails to meet ever increasing demand”.

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