The modular nature of our solution means that we can provide between 5,000-15,000m3 of water/per day.

We can even ‘scale-up’ during the course of a contract by adding capacity or swapping units.

Economies of scale will always provide a cost competitive solution.

A key benefit of the SubSea Infrastructure solution is its ability to scale up or down as the customer’s needs alter over time.

At the initial contract and design phase a single unit could be engineered to provide from 10,000-150,00m3 of water/per day. Currently capacities in the range of 10,000-50,000m3 of water/per day make most economic sense for short to medium-term solutions to mount on barge-based platforms. Over 100,000m3 of water/per day ship-based platforms look attractive.

However, in terms of flexibility of scale the SubSea Infrastructure solution can provide either single platforms of the size required or, as needs increase, multiple platforms can be introduced over time until it makes sense to once again move to a single, but much larger, unit.

In one recent scenario modelled for a customer SubSea Infrastructure looked at a requirement starting at 5,000m3 of water/per day and rising to over 200,000m3 of water/per day over 30-years. By planning the delivery infrastructure and swapping out units at predetermined intervals the customer saw a seamless production build-up with no extra onshore land acquisition or environmental impact issues, or planning permission problems.