The modular nature of our desalination plants bring inherent advantages when it comes to speed of installation. With a unit available we can redeploy anywhere in the world within a matter of weeks. A new unit can be available within 9-months.

Our plant in Cyprus was the fastest installation of a large scale desalination plant to date.

Bridging the long-term project gap

The global water industry is used to working at the large infrastructure level. Projects historically have been major in scale, very long-term, and predominantly financed by the customer – either at Government or water utility level.

Within the desalination segment of the water industry plants are increasing in size and complexity and are in many cases the bedrock of the long-term strategic planning for water provision. Plants of 300,000m3 of water/per day (and larger) on 20-30-year contracts are now not unusual and are often combined with power plant provision. As a result project fulfilment has become increasingly complex, time-consuming, and involving even more financial commitment.

The SubSea Infrastructure solution does not seek to replace the provision of such long-term, strategically planned, responses to water needs. What it does provide is an immediate, interim, and temporary large-scale water supply in cases where the complexity and delivery time of the long-term project creates short-term water shortage issues.

A mobile onshore facility or barge, or several barges, can be delivered to a site very rapidly and provide drinking-quality water in as long as it takes to build the delivery pipeline – generally less than 3-months.

Emergency & disaster situations

We have seen in recent months and years a number of coastal and near-coastal areas being overtaken by natural disasters that disrupt the local water infrastructure. In such cases SubSea Infrastructure is able to very rapidly bring large scale drinking water supplies to that area complete with a temporary land-based distribution system that can penetrate several kilometres in land (and more depending on the terrain).

The ability to bring a vessel to the area that can self-deploy its own delivery pipeline, has its own power source, and can deliver the distribution network within a matter of days is the most efficient and cost-effective response to water shortages in regions hit by the disasters.

Contingency solution

There are times when the existing water supply provisions fail to be sufficient for varying periods of time.This may be through drought, problems with exiting provision and/or distribution or any other number of reasons.

SubSea Infrastructure is able to provide to individual customers, or a number of customers, a rapidly deployed solution that meets their immediate needs.

In all the above scenarios a mobile desalination plant either onshore or on a mobile, floating platform, provides a response time and solution that is unique to an industry used to 3 or 4 more years of project planning and delivery.

Time to first water

We can deliver a mobile desalination plant within 3-months.