As a long-term infrastructure is contemplated, interim solutions are often needed. SubSea Infrastructure operates short, medium, and long-term contracts. We can offer terms of 3-months to 3-years to fill ‘The Water Gap’ or a long-term contingency solution. This will give you the flexibility to manage fresh water supply problems.

We deliver fast and deploy on time. Our offshore solution requires limited coastal land, minimises onshore environmental concerns, and accelerates approval processes.

Time refers to the structuring of a solution that best meets the customer’s needs with respect to contract duration.

The water industry in general, and the desalination segment in particular, is used to very long, permanent infrastructure contracts. These are historically 20 or 30-years in duration. Previously, customers have not even been able to consider a large-scale desalination plant on a short-term contract, as such a facility has never existed before.

The SubSea Infrastructure business model enables a modular large-scale plant (10,000 – 150,000m3 of water/per day) to be provided on a short-term basis and quickly and cleanly removed at the end of the contract period. Contract periods can be short-to-medium-term as longer-term infrastructure solutions are developed.

The provision of water on such a flexible contract terms provides customers with either thinking time to plan a more long-term solution, or to ‘bridge the gap’ where that long-term solution is taking several years to implement.