Telcom Cable

The Subsea Fibre Optic Cable Market

Subsea Infrastructure has been involved in the subsea telcom cable market since the mid-2000s. Following the oversupply of new fibre optic subsea cables in the 1998-2002 period, there was insufficient data demand to fill the capacity. This resulted in low growth in the sector apart from the requirement for a few strategic routes.

Since 2015/16 there has been significant demand for new capacity due to:

  • The increasing amount of data traffic generated by internet content providers such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. These companies are connecting their global data centre infrastructure with new cables.
  • The cables installed in 1998-2002 are reaching the end of their useful 20-year lives.
  • The requirements from customers for diverse cable routes from independent operators.
  • The requirement for data capacity in the faster-growing Asian and African markets.

Subsea Infrastructure is actively reviewing attractive investment opportunities in the subsea telecom sector, particularly in the faster-growing Asian and potentially the African markets.